About us


I am WOLM, I was born in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NYC) and I work in an
investment Bank in Manhattan, wearing a suit and bringing home
thousands of dollars everyday but I can’t wait to take off the tie, change
clothes and breathe the night air at the same time. I love my job but for me
getting off work is like getting out of jail.

Every fucking night I feel the need to free the hidden part of me by listening
the right sound, in the right place, with the right people.
I never say no when I am asked to drink tequila in the best nightlife clubs in
Williamsburg, where Hip Hop beats make me go back to my roots that are
completely the opposite of what I do to make a living.

Every time I get closer to the clubs I start to freak out because the only thing I
need in those moments is the drumbeat flowing through my veins.
It doesn’t matter if the morning after I have an important business meeting,
I just want to feel good, get on with my life and rapping aloud with my friends.

What I have become will never take over who I really am, after all. This is me,
this is WOLM. Call it whatever you want, like a feeling, a mood or a lifestyle.
For me, it is an approach to life that can be described as:

“Different souls in the same place”.