About us


Opposites but the same
Go beyond your boundaries, deeply desire something without saying it, do it simply
Go beyond the ordinary and then come back to it, break the rules but stay inside them
A balance between good and evil, black and white, good and bad
a common thread between two moods, between two ways of being that distinguish the unique essence of each person in alternating phases
Different souls in the same place
Made in Wlliamsburg, distretto di Brooklyn, NY
Art is not a miracle.
Art is no a religion.
Art is neither a government nor a philosophy.
It is neither a theory nor an equation.
It is a way to be subjective

Our spaces

White, Black or Orange
Squared, circle or triangular
Full of windows and ideas
One door
You are welcome
Man or woman
It is so simple but at the same time very complicated
It is all for you from my side
go around and always speak about